The Story

History of Our Cuisine

The Chinese in Indonesia had long been a part of the economic role in its peninsula as merchants, artisans, and traders since 1740. Since its first establishment till the present day, Chinese food had then been influenced by the Indonesian culture such as the sauces and spices altered in the recipe. This is due to the wide variety of traditional Indonesian ingredients and their shift to a familiar taste – which the Chinese had absorbed over the years.

The Indonesian influence had modified the dishes with additions of local ingredients, suchas use of kecap manis (Indonesian sweet sauce), palm sugar, peanut sauce, chili, santan (coconut milk) to form this hybrid cuisine. These adaptations were mainly from its roots of traditional Chinese food such as Hokkien, Hakka and Teochew dishes, while others were influenced from local Indonesian food and Dutch cuisine (during the colonialism).

Hence, the origin of Chinese Indonesian Cuisine throughout its 200 over years of heritage where our dishes truly reflect the assimilation among Chinese settlers and local community. We are truly proud to share our authentic delicacy here in Kota88 Restaurant, Singapore.